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MedAdvisor Copilot

use models
  • Model Sherlock
    Competitive intelligence research
    Challenge. Sherlock is working on an innovative drug, but it has strong competitors, most notably abemaciclib and palbociclib. The smallest details that emphasize advantages of Ribociclib and point to the weak points of competitors are crucial.
    Solution Thank to MedAdvisor Copilot, Sherlock is the first to receive critical information. By the next day, he has a new analytical note ready against the competitors.
  • Model Agatha
    Insights and arguments for drug promotion
    Challenge. Agatha's drug is generic, and the headquarters does not provide enough content support.
    Using MedAdvisor Copilot, Agatha consistently obtains new arguments to promote her drug. So, she has fresh slides for presentations, new talking points for communication with Key Opinion Leaders, and new topics for physician newsletters.
  • Model Plato
    Fast learning of new therapeutic areas
    Challenge. Plato has just been appointed to this position. The topic of orphan diseases and gene therapy is complex with many nuances, and it’s new to him. He needs to quickly grasp it.
    For Plato, our MedAdvisor Copilot operates in a special way. Every day it analyzes new scientific papers to educate Plato in this new therapeutic area, explaining complex points in an understandable language. Plato is gradually becoming an expert in the treatment of this disease by regularly using MedAdvisor Copilot.
  • Model Columbus
    Multilingual reporting of scientific data
    Challenge. Columbus native language is Italian, and he's actively learning English for his career advancement.
    MedAdvisor Copilot sends information in both English and Italian to Columbus, keeping him updated and aiding his language progression.
  • Model Curie
    Filtering updates by significant factors
    Challenge. Curie needs to update slides for sales reps biannually but struggles to find fresh content.
    MedAdvisor Copilot organizes all updates into a table. Curie filters them by an impact factor, selecting the most critical articles for slide design.
  • Model Anna
    Pinpointing and interpreting crucial subjects
    Challenge. Anna hosts a weekly journal club for MSLs, sifting through vast information to find engaging topics.
    MedAdvisor Copilot serves as Anna's scientific assistant, selecting vital topics and interpreting their significance for the company.
  • Model Karl
    Finding instances relevant to a specific task
    Challenge. Karl's drug has been on the market for a long time, with limited new information. The drug is cheaper than newer ones but lacks distinct advantages.
    MedAdvisor Copilot was set up for Karl to analyze all data where his drug is "not worse" than pricier ones. Because "not worse" + "cheaper" = better!

How MedAdvisor Copilot

can serve you
  • Updates

    Accurately detect and select valuable facts that might be missed by human eye

  • Analysis

    Deeply analyze tons of specific biomedical data in no time

  • Semantic

    Extract gold nuggets of insights on your and your competitor's products

  • Data Separation

    Generate powerful scientific arguments about pharmaceuticals

  • Email

    Explain complex scientific points in any language

  • Data Storage

    Archive and storage the reports to access them anytime for retrospective analysis

How you can use

MedAdvisor Сopilot reports

Compare the drug efficacy

Compare the characteristics and effectiveness of your drugs to those of competitors in the market

Analyze marketing effects

Examine the potential marketing implications for your products relative to your competition

Find new arguments

Discover and compile robust arguments to kick-start a new promotional cycle

Engage the audience

Engage your medical audience with tailored insights and create innovative communication strategies

Refresh presentations

Source up-to-date facts, references, and materials to refresh and enrich your presentations and promotional tools

Organize data

Streamline your data management by filtering out irrelevant information and categorizing essential data efficiently

Retrospective study

Retrieve and review archived data for in-depth retrospective studies without local storage concerns

Educate the team

Continually learn and get trained with materials on particular medical conditions and products

Respond quickly

Answer questions from the medical community immediately, ensuring you are always a step ahead in discussions involving both your and your competitors' products

How It Works

Daily Cycle

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Data Archival
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Automated Scanning
of scientific databases


Medical Analysis

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