Hereby I express my appreciation and respect to Medical Adviser’s Group, represented by Yakov Pakhomov, for Medical Affairs Training delivered to Merck Medical Team on 27-29 Apr 2016.The training was dedicated to the essential topics related to daily work in Medical Affairs.The 1st part of the training was devoted to Medical Affairs staff skills and competencies in the sphere of evidence-based medicine, critical analysis of scientific publications and basic principles of Medical publications writing.The 2nd part of the training was focused on specific points related to interactions with External Experts including such topics as strategy of working with KOL, planning and conducting F2F visits, scientific/educational event

The one of most important features of this training is its interactive design, effective engagement of all participants and its not being just a lecture on announced topics. The one of the key output of the training was developed strategy of interactions with external experts based on implemented metrics of medical affairs efficacy.

One of the most important and exiting steps of preparing the training was the customization of the training concept and plan made specifically for our company and including its specifics and needs.

The customer-oriented approach and flexibility of mag put the company in very attractive position for the future collaboration which I believe will be continued!


Oleg Rozenson
Medical Director
Merck Biopharma

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