Develop and improve a scientific & medical content

Medical Adviser’s Group provides a range of expert level services in creation of scientific and medical slide decks, publications, presentations for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals
We are trusted by world's pharmaceuticals companies
We provide a range of expert level services in creation of scientific and medical content
Are you need development and regular update of medical & scientific slide decks?
Unique and relevant scientific medical stories which will put your advantages into perspective;

Presentations for large-scale congresses, satellite symposia, expert meetings, trainings for speakers and medical representatives;

Update current presentations with due regard to the relevant information: we will check guidelines, original sources, numbers, and references.

Medical writing

If you need to write, edit, align with the KOL and prepare articles for publications in scientific journals and handbooks.
  • Scientific and medical articles, abstracts, presentations (like in
  • Materials for publication in scientific and medical journals
  • Product monographs containing all the relevant information with references to appropriate scientific publications
  • Relevant content for all your communicational channels with the medical community and with the patients (websites, newsletters, specialized brochures)

Medical Affairs Training and educational programs for your speakers

How to work with scientific and medical information
  • Trainings for medical representatives in specific therapeutic areas
  • Trainings for MSLs, Medical Advisors and other experts of medical departments of pharmaceutical companies on how to work with medical information
  • Educational programs for your speakers
We provide a range of expert level services in creation of scientific and medical content

We digitize data from graphs within 24 hours

  • We help to create beautiful PowerPoint content digitizing figures from the manuscripts
  • Never stare at a screenshots with the Kaplan-Meier curves, forest plots in your slides again. Upload an article or a screenshot and get beautiful slides made in your brand colors in PowerPoint format

Statistical analysis based on the results of the study

  • Calculation of the sample size necessary to conduct the clinical trial
  • Database analysis based on the results of clinical studies
  • New answers to relevant questions, which can be further used in product promotion

If you need set of documents for the clinical trial

  • Documentation for conducting clinical trials
  • Clinical trial protocols, ICFs, various manuals, clinical trails reports and other documents
  • Database analysis
Why Medical Adviser`s Group?
All works are performed in accordance with generally accepted international recommendations for the creation of scientific medical content. are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers.

The expertise of our employees is confirmed by the high-profile scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine. Over 80% of our medical content developers have PhD degrees in medicine and biology.

Our company is a finalist of the international scientific contest SPRINT Data Analysis Challenge member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
We have several scientific editors in our team who specialize in various therapeutic areas and several medical writers; thus, we can replace the specialist at any time, which ensures the project consistency

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