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Uncovering pivotal insights and transforming medical data and complex scientific concepts into engaging narratives is our expertise. With over a decade of experience, our team of highly skilled medical writers, scientific editors, designers, and illustrators collaborates to craft expert-level content, merging scientific rigor with storytelling finesse.
We breathe life into dry information, shaping it into visually compelling stories and articles ready for publication in reputable scientific journals.
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Slide Decks
Turn vast scientific data into compelling stories enhanced with expert data visualization to engage audiences effectively and make a lasting impact. We create tailored, well-designed presentations for major congresses, satellite symposia, professional meetings, and speaker trainings.

Digitized screenshots; drew charts and diagrams in PowerPoint.
Placed a visual focus on the most important information on the slide.
Corrected visualization errors: formatted multiple bars as charts for easier perception.
Increased font size due to additional space, enhancing readability.
Long lines take longer to read, so we have reformatted this slide into a three-column layout.
We also highlighted elements that are similar in meaning and hierarchy.
Medical Writing & Scientific Editing
Let us transform your research findings and initial concepts into expert medical writing ready for publishing and communication. Our team of MDs and PhD medical scientists meets the highest standards of academic excellence.
Our publications
COVID-19 Vaccines: An Overview of Different Platforms
Kudlay D, Svistunov A
Visual Outcomes of Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) in Thin Corneas
Eskina E, Klokova O, Damashauskas R, Davtyan K, Pajic B, Movsesian M
Peculiarities of the T Cell Immune Response in COVID-19
Kudlay D, Kofiadi I, Khaitov M
nfluence of Moxonidine and Bisoprolol on Morphofunctional Condition of Arterial Wall and Telomerase Activity in Postmenopausal Women with Arterial Hypertension and Osteopenia. The Results from a Moscow Randomized Study
Dudinskaya, E., Tkacheva, O., Bazaeva, E. et al
ental manifestations of hypophosphatasia in children and the effects of enzyme replacement therapy on dental status: A series of clinical cases
Larisa Kiselnikova, Elena Vislobokova, Victoria Voinova
Narrative reviews
Journal supplements
Primary and secondary research manuscripts
Newsletters, sponsored journals, and congress reports
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
Medical Data Visuals
Make your message precise and evocative with visual storytelling. Our proficient scientific writers and illustrators distill complex medical information and clinical study data into strikingly insightful visuals.